Finding Self

The Well Balanced Soul was born out of a search to “re-invent” myself after the unexpected passing of my husband, Shaya, of blessed memory. For so many years I had been my partner’s care giver. Focusing all my attention, time, and energy on his needs, I neglected to take care of my own. And then suddenly I found myself without an identity, purpose or a sense of well being.

My name is Miryam and I thank you for visiting my website. My hope and prayer for you is that you find some spark of inspiration in what I share with you. May you find balance and well being in body, mind, heart, soul and spirit.

I am a 64 (+) year old retired RN and a great-grandmother with still a lot of living to do. But it took a lot of soul searching to find my identity first. Lots of questions to be answered.

Who am I? WHO am I? Who AM I? Me, not my vocation or career or somebody’s mother or widow, but a created being, a child of the Creator. A Spirit entity in a physical body, with a mission to fulfill, a journey to experience, lessons to be learned. And we never stop learning.

And what was I going to do with the rest of my life? I had to find a way to support myself, and learn new skills to combine with my many and varied experiences. I want to give back to my community and do it with passion and caring. This is part of my journey and it is not over yet. Thank God. Still in discovery and re-inventing mode – but then aren’t we all to some degree or another?

I believe that everyone has a story to tell. And yours is just as important (or more) than mine. When we connect with others, we share our journey, our stories, our grief, our joys, our little victories. We share our gratitude about anything and everything! For in the gratitude, we focus on what we have (and sometimes take for granted) and not on what we don’t. What we focus on, expands. We can bring happiness into our lives through our gratefulness. And I am grateful for you, dear reader, and hopefully, new friend.

There is a lot more to come as I expand this site. I hope you will return and share with me.

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Published by: Mikki

Retired Registered Nurse; owner of The Well Balanced Soul; a doTerra Wellness Advocate and private Success Coach; founder of the Touch of Kindness Project (a youth volunteer outreach to our aging and Elder population); Creator of "Katz in Hats"- re-sale of women's hats, scarves and accessories - proceeds to assist the community needy, and the Administrative Coordinator for The Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy in Israel where I am also a student. I love to inspire and ignite or re-ignite the fire and light within others. As a 68 year entrepreneur and great grandmother of 8, I am an example that age need not be a barrier to success! I am also the author of the forth-coming book "The Compassionate Healer".

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