Defined as:
 The resulting utterance from the culmination of a series of acts or events that makes a situation unbearable.
VERB: (idiomatic) (forceful) To be quiet; shut up; to stop talking about something or making noise.
  • Oh, put a lid on it already! I heard you the first fourteen times!

Sometimes, this is what I imagine HaShem  (God’s name) says to me after complaining to Him a hundred and fourteen times about my (fill in the blank) problem.

This last time I heard it loud and clear while sipping a cup of cold coffee (which was giving me heartburn, or maybe it wasn’t the coffee?) and ruminating over a very serious problem I am facing. I will spare you the gory details lest YOU tell me to “put a lid on it”!

​Let meshare a little background info: Serendipity (another synonym for HaShem) landed about 200+ ladies hats and other head coverings in my lap! It was not an all at one time event, so at first it was quite manageable and I had a lot of fun trying them all on! Ever since I was a little girl I’ve had a fascination for hats (thanks to my paternal grandmother,z’l) and everyone used to tell me that I had a “hat face”. That’s soooo nice.

So now, here are a bunch of hats sitting on my massage table waiting for just the right inspiration of what to do with them. I dreamt right away that I wanted to open a nice little shop for them, kind of a boutique-y atmosphere, serving up tea or coffee and some  sage advice/wisdom. I also knew that I wanted to donate a portion of the proceeds to a chesed organization (charity), but was having difficulty in deciding which one (especially since I didn’t even open shop yet! I also didn’t know if this was a sustainable venture (could I actually run out of hats to sell??) and what about some parnassah (earnings) for me? After all, I am a widow on a small fixed income.

So now is the “fun” part! Those small bunch of hats started multiplying like Kirk’s Tribbles! Do you all know what it feels like to live in a somewhat dark 1.5 room basement studio apartment? With no closets or storage space? With a little doggie and a big bird-cage with a big parrot inside? B”H, I have very little furniture to speak of so my massage table takes up most of the space in my salon/kitchen/dining area. And the hats are EVERYWHERE!

And you know that little shop I want, just isn’t in my foreseeable financial future (yet). So I was thinking (obviously a “dangerous” past-time for me) how about moving into a larger apartment so that I could have a bedroom, a living room, a massage room and a hat display room all under one roof? Isn’t that a genius idea?

So enter all those gory details I will spare you from: 
  1. Apartment after apartment did not work out
  2. ​My financial sources ceased
  3. I cannot pay my rent until the end of the coming month
  4. And the supposed shidduch that was supposed to call, never did. ugh! 

What the heck am I going to do now? (Not the shidduch, he has nothing to do with this. He is a recent widower and probably just not ready yet. – I really wish him well).

So like any other distraught woman, I sat in front of my computer (drinking that heartburn producing cold cup of coffee) looking for some inspiration and I happened across a very short video of a motivational speaker… and…I…started…bawling!

And I cried out to H”S and I cried some more and then …BAM! I heard His “voice” (well, my own, but you know what I mean).

“PUT A LID ON IT!”​ ~ That’s it! More than just the pashat (literal meaning) to stop complaining, but the name of the hat “store” and a website, and also, the chesed opportunity: helping widowed pensioners in financial distress! O, HaShem, Thank You! THANK YOU!

I haven’t quite figured out the trouble with tribbles situation yet and how the resolution of my financial woes will play out, but I am confident that it will.

In the meantime, stop by for a cup of tea or coffee, a great soothing massage and on the way out, don’t forget your (new) hat!

~~ Thanks for stopping by! Y’all come back real soon! ~ miryam


Published by: Mikki

Retired Registered Nurse; owner of The Well Balanced Soul; a doTerra Wellness Advocate and private Success Coach; founder of the Touch of Kindness Project (a youth volunteer outreach to our aging and Elder population); Creator of "Katz in Hats"- re-sale of women's hats, scarves and accessories - proceeds to assist the community needy, and the Administrative Coordinator for The Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy in Israel where I am also a student. I love to inspire and ignite or re-ignite the fire and light within others. As a 68 year entrepreneur and great grandmother of 8, I am an example that age need not be a barrier to success! I am also the author of the forth-coming book "The Compassionate Healer".

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