Since this is private just between us, I will let you in on a secret. (shh!)

Sunday I got on the scale.  And I felt horrible both physically and emotionally because over the past few years I have been watching the numbers keep going up and up and up. So I made a difficult decision and on a trial basis I started on the Low Carb High Fat (moderate protein) (LCHF) Lifestyle on Monday.  (We shall not use the word diet). Nothing else was working. 

Yesterday (Wednesday) I was feeling really “icky” and this morning (Thursday) I got a really slow start getting out of bed and just moving in literal slow motion. I decided to get on the scale. Just to see if its worth continuing. The scale showed that I was down 4.7 kilo !!??? I got off and back on again – same #’s. I asked the support group leader if this is possible. That is more than 9 pounds lost in 3 days!

“Of course”, she said it was probably water, but still! What an incentive to keep going! I don’t care if its water or fat or both – its DOWN.

Then I remembered why it probably happened: the other night I cleaned out my freezer which was FULL of frozen bread! I dumped it all (not without a little hesitation – $$$$$ in the trash) OY, I prayed for forgiveness – because it could not have been donated. So I figured THAT’S where the 9+ pounds went!
Feeling HAPPY!

So now with a bit of renewed energy and enthusiasm, I just finished redoing my pantry. And since everything is dry, what ever was unopened I decided to donate to a gemach //food bank //kitchen: 6 bags of white flour, 3 bags white sugar, 15 (!) bags of various pastas, bread crumbs, powdered sugar, cereal, canned corn more. 2 cartons of “stuff”! (At least I wasn’t eating all of that! – hoarding is a different issue**)

Well, when I get on that scale next time I should be down at least 30 pounds!
Stay tuned here (subscribe to my site) for periodic progress reports!

** The hoarding issue – since I started living on my own after my husband passed away I haven’t much felt like cooking just for me. Because of my low income, my community pantry goodwill committee started delivering food packages once a week. Bless them all. I am humbled by such a gracious act of reaching out. But just how much pasta and rice can 1 person consume in a week? I know, I could have told them to stop, but then some of those delicious pre-cooked meals would never have been consumed either. They were a blessing to me. So now I will pay it forward and I will stop the deliveries (unless they can accommodate my new food restrictions).  The money saved on these pantry and food items have allowed me to pay for other important bills.

If you would like information about the LCHF Lifestyle, please visit the Facebook page “Kosher LCHF”. There are many groups out there.
Also research on the web:
*Dr, Andreas Eenfeldt (“The Diet”)
*Donal O’Neill (“Cereal Killers” the movie)

*LCHF: Reversing Type 2 diabetes starts with ignoring the old guidelines. Excellent TEDx Talk by Dr. Sarah Hallberg

Can a person be “cured” of Type 2 Diabetes? Dr. Sarah Hallberg provides compelling evidence that it can, and…




Published by: Mikki

Retired Registered Nurse; owner of The Well Balanced Soul; a doTerra Wellness Advocate and private Success Coach; founder of the Touch of Kindness Project (a youth volunteer outreach to our aging and Elder population); Creator of "Katz in Hats"- re-sale of women's hats, scarves and accessories - proceeds to assist the community needy, and the Administrative Coordinator for The Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy in Israel where I am also a student. I love to inspire and ignite or re-ignite the fire and light within others. As a 68 year entrepreneur and great grandmother of 8, I am an example that age need not be a barrier to success! I am also the author of the forth-coming book "The Compassionate Healer".

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  1. Everyone should watch this whether they are diabetic or not. I have never been healthier since I cut down dramatically on my carbs… I am probably still eating too many with two slices of bread a day and about two tablespoons of nuts split up into tiny portions throughout the day. I’m probably not eating enough fat also… I believe what this lady is saying 100% so I will be sharing it with everyone I know. I am controlling diabetes with diet alone… if you knew how sick I used to be before I knew I had diabetes and drastically changed my eating habits once I did know, you would know that changing one’s diet can cure a multitude of ills. I am also controlling my gout with diet alone and no longer have acute attacks and have worked out what to do to stop it if the gout threatens.

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