Yesterday, while all alone on a quiet Shabbat, I found an old book on my shelf  “Dr. Atkins NEW Diet Revolution”.  IT IS THE ORIGINAL LCHF LIFESTYLE WITH A DIFFERENT NAME. It was published in 2002,  written by Dr. Robert C. Atkins, M.D.. Expanded (from the original book published in 1992 and indexed with very detailed explanations, carb and net carb charts, glycemic index lists, recipes and documented research by others…even a superb explanation of ketosis (or lipolysis) erroneously confused with ketoacidosis, everything! The ONLY thing different is the name and the fact that he had a little side business with his line of packaged food items.

He died 1 year later (2003) at age 72 after slipping on ice, falling face forward and conking his head really badly – brain hemorrhage and coma. He lived for 9 days in ICU in critical condition. He  was in CHF (congestive heart failure) and gained 58 pounds of fluid!!! Which was documented in his medical record. Though rare and quite dramatic, It CAN happen especially when going into complete organ shut down. (Multi-System Organ Failure or MSOF)

So many rumors were flying – all negative and down right nasty. He had a lot of severe critics, the loudest were from competing diet proponents with their own “gimmicks”. One of which illegally obtained Dr. Atkins’ medical records from the coroner by omitting the fact the he was NOT the patient’s attending physician. (The coroner’s office spokesperson was horrified that they made such an error and apologised profusely to his widow and family – especially after the offending doctor starting slinging more mud on top of the man’s grave!)  I think all the hoopla surrounding his death made other researchers and doctors decide to distance themselves from the Atkins name and so started their own “Revolution”, basically using ALL of Atkins content.

(…And I was so totally wrong about what I said about the Atkins diet — I confused it with that liquid protein diet that nearly killed me, – which this clearly is not the case. The reason I couldn’t stay on Atkins was the cost involved at the time – mid 1970’s. I was a single mom and had 2 little kids to feed and Atkins was not appropriate for the two of them. I had little money, so pasta and other carbs were our staples.)

He was ahead of his time, and he was villainized. Look how widely popular LCHF is today! And proven to be sound and safe! “Fat doesn’t make you fat, carbs (sugar) do!”
Atkins started making his discoveries public in the early 1970’s. It truly was revolutionary! With incredible success rates. He even coined the phrase “the diet doctor”!  And all the newbies today never mention or credit him. He was the pioneer and his work is what is making all these other people famous today! (Perhaps if it were known that this a re-branded version, it might not be as popular, nor would so many people be benefiting from it!)

My support group leader states “And I thought he was a quack (like everyone said) so I never tried Atkins”. No one bothered to research it either.

Yup, we believed the bad reports of the 10 spies. And today our coach  teaches the LCHF Lifestyle and coaches several groups. “The only real difference is that LCHF teachers preach no packaged goods, only homemade and organic whenever possible” –  (and they never mention Atkins). Even our coach’s presentation last week was an almost verbatim monologue straight from his book. “I think its funny that my presentation was so similar to the book – I wrote it on my own!”. Based on the research from back in the ’70’s. (But she didn’t know that).

Honey, you will be blown away when you read the book!

 GELL – Gush Etzion Living Lean.


Published by: Mikki

Retired Registered Nurse; owner of The Well Balanced Soul; a doTerra Wellness Advocate and private Success Coach; founder of the Touch of Kindness Project (a youth volunteer outreach to our aging and Elder population); Creator of "Katz in Hats"- re-sale of women's hats, scarves and accessories - proceeds to assist the community needy, and the Administrative Coordinator for The Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy in Israel where I am also a student. I love to inspire and ignite or re-ignite the fire and light within others. As a 68 year entrepreneur and great grandmother of 8, I am an example that age need not be a barrier to success! I am also the author of the forth-coming book "The Compassionate Healer".

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  1. This was a wonderful blog. Thanks for more insight. I missed the mud slinging but did hear people dispute his “diet plan.” It made sense to me and I tried it a little. I would love to go more towards the lean living. Love your picture!

  2. I’m totally going to check out the old book. I knew that the LCHF diet was similar to the old Atkins but just haven’t gotten around to reading it yet as I’m still fairly new to LCHF. It seems the only shred of similarity the new Atkins method has now to the original plan is….nothing. Now its only just focused on marketing the line of food products. What a shame.

    1. Joy, So right you are! If you can obtain the newer edition (2002) instead of the old (1992), you will see how amazing it is. And except for the marketing aspect, it IS today’s plan. But I’ve looked at some of the other websites of today’s gurus – they also have a marketing aspect of perhaps a different type but still marketing (selling memberships, etc). I am all for these people making money, heck, I want (need) to make money too, but it just irks me that they “steal” what was not theirs and then claim to be on the forefront without credit to the original. After Atkins died there was no one else to take his place in the plan”s organization and the smear campaign against him made any potential candidate shy away from it. The Atkins foundation had almost no choice but to just carry on the food line. They had no other leader. Therefore on principle, I will not promote any one person but I will back the plan and mention today’s teachers.

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