Thinking about forgiveness…

Guest post, beautifully expressed.


Forgiveness is not popular these days – we see so little of forgiveness in our world and we delegate “forgiveness” to the religious among us – it seems to me that forgiveness may be one of the most potent forces in the world, in the universe, and certainly, in our own lives.

Forgiveness cannot be commanded.  In other words, we cannot be expected to forgive simply because we have heard we are “supposed” to forgive.  Maybe we don’t want to forgive.  Maybe we can’t forgive.  Maybe we are uncertain about who or what we are to forgive.  We are not perfect creatures, nor are we perfect in our desire to forgive, as often as we may command ourselves – or others – to forgive.

Forgiveness is not a matter of the mind.  We can’t “think” our way into forgiveness.  We can think about forgiveness, certainly, and we can demand of…

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Published by: Mikki

Retired Registered Nurse; owner of The Well Balanced Soul; a doTerra Wellness Advocate and private Success Coach; founder of the Touch of Kindness Project (a youth volunteer outreach to our aging and Elder population); Creator of "Katz in Hats"- re-sale of women's hats, scarves and accessories - proceeds to assist the community needy, and the Administrative Coordinator for The Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy in Israel where I am also a student. I love to inspire and ignite or re-ignite the fire and light within others. As a 68 year entrepreneur and great grandmother of 8, I am an example that age need not be a barrier to success! I am also the author of the forth-coming book "The Compassionate Healer".

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